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About Welding Consultants LLC

889 North 22nd Street

Columbus, Ohio 43219

Office: 614-258-7018

 Welding Consultants LLC is a premier welding engineering, materials testing and inspection company.  Supporting WC’s engineering effort are qualified NDE technicians who provide a full range of quality-related services.  From welding and specification design through in-process QC to final quality verification,

WC provides the customer with a myriad of services—all from a single source.

From its beginning, WC has provided a wide and ever increasing range of technical services, including: welding engineering and NDE consulting, training, destructive and nondestructive testing, project quality control services, field and in-house metallography, qualification services, quality and process safety program development and implementation, and weld sample and replica production.

Our engineers and technicians are committed to the motto, “The Practical Approach to Quality” and know the best way to help a customer is to provide fast, accurate results at a reasonable cost. The ability to relate the technical aspects of welding and NDE to real-world situations has allowed WC’s staff to solve problems quickly and effectively.

So, think of your welding or quality-related need as an opportunity to call on the experience and knowledge of WC’s engineers and technicians.


Welding Consultants LLC is a division of Arc Specialties Inc.

Arc Specialties is an automation company headquartered in Houston, Texas.  ARC Specialties furnishes one-of-a-kind machinery that utilizes their unique experience and knowledge.  Arc Specialties is known internationally for their hot wire GTAW cladding systems, combined cutting and welding robotic cells, and large customized automation solutions.

ARC Specialties
1730 Stebbins Drive
Houston, Texas 77043, USA
Phone: 713-631-7575
Fax: 713-356-0844