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Weld Replicas


Three-Dimensional Training Aids and Workmanship Standards


Order Number SWR-1


Structural Weld Replica Set

  • Five-piece set
  • Designed for training structural welding inspectors and welders
  • Samples include: 2 fillet-welded lap joints; 4-piece bend sample set; Groove-welded butt joint; and Fillet welded T-joint (welds exhibit porosity)
  • The variety of discontinuities exhibited includes: undercut, overlap and porosity
  • In addition, measurements of reinforcement and fillet weld size can be readily made
  • Recommended for those preparing for the Practical (Hands-On) portion of the AWS Certified Welding Inspector examination
  • Also excellent for other weld examination training programs requiring hands-on experience, identifying and measuring visual weld discontinuities
  • Interpretation sheet included


Order Number PWR-1


Pipe Weld Replica Set

  • Five-piece set
  • Designed for training pressure piping welding inspectors and welders
  • Samples include: 3 “Weld-o-Let” branch connections, Sectioned socket-welded elbow, and Groove-welded pipe butt joint
  • Discontinuities present include: incomplete joint penetration, improper pipe retraction (in
    socket-welded joint), excessive root reinforcement, and porosity
  • Students can also measure characteristics such as fillet and groove weld size and determine their compliance in accordance with applicable standards
  • Interpretation sheet included


Order Number WSD-1


Weld Sample Defect Plate

  • One piece set
  • Designed to exhibit a variety of arc welding and oxyfuel gas cutting characteristics and conditions
  • Weld types: Bead on plate; T-joint; Lap joint; Butt joint; and Oxyfuel gas cutting edge conditions
  • Weld discontinuities: Porosity; Undercut; Weld reinforcement; Longitudinal cracking; Overlap; and Interbead incomplete fusion
  • Welding processes represented: SMAW; FCAW; GMAW; and GTAW
    Weld measurements: Fillet weld size; Weld reinforcement; Convexity/Concavity; Undercut; and Porosity size/distribution
  • This one sample displays common weld discontinuities, providing the student with an excellent visual aid when learning how to identify and measure various weld surface characteristics


Order Number SEQ-1


Weld Groove Sequencing Plates

  • Three-piece set
  • Exhibit the proper sequencing and placement of weld beads in multi-pass groove welds
  • Welding processes represented: SMAW, GMAW and FCAW
  • Each sample clearly shows the position of each weld bead in V-groove butt joints
  • Also shown is the comparison among processes in the number of weld beads required to fill the groove
  • Can be used for both welding inspector and welder training
  • An excellent tool for training new students or for use in welder qualification instruction

Order Number OFC-1


Oxyfuel Gas Cutting Problems and Causes Sample Plate

  • One-piece set
  • Created to demonstrate acceptable and unacceptable oxyfuel gas cutting edge conditions
  • The cause of each unacceptable condition is provided with the sample
  • This sample can be beneficial for all types of training activities

    vocational schools, trade schools and apprentice programs
  • 8-1/2” X 11” plate comes pre-punched for insertion in three-ring binder or for display on the shop or classroom wall
  • Conditions represented include: Quality cut; Cutting tip too close to surface; Cutting tip too far from surface; Oxygen pressure too high; Oxygen pressure too low; Travel speed too fast; Travel speed too slow; Preheat too high; and Preheat too low


Order Number SMA-1


SMAW Problems and Causes Sample Plate

  • One-piece set
  • Designed to show common problems encountered with SMAW when misapplied
  • Also shows the appearance of an acceptable weld with this process
  • Can be helpful to both entry-level as well as experienced SMAW students
  • 8-1/2” X 11” plate comes pre-punched for insertion in three-ring binder or for display on the shop or classroom wall
  • Includes welds made with both E6010 (cellulose-type coating) and E7018 (low hydrogen type coating) electrodes
  • Incorrect techniques shown include: Amperage too high; Amperage too low; Travel speed too fast; and travel speed too slow
  • In addition to show the resulting surface appearances, weld cross sections are depicted to show the respective effects on weld bead shape and depth of fusion


Order Number SSC-1
Sample Storage Case

  • Heavy duty briefcase-size case with precut foam to hold samples in place
  • Ideal when training is to be performed at remote locations
  • Keeps samples organized and protected
  • Handy accordion-file section for storage of related documentation

Custom Sets

In addition to these standard products, WC can produce custom sets of replicas for specific needs. Whether for use as training aids or workmanship standards, these custom sets can be invaluable. WC can produce the initial samples to specifications, or replicate existing samples.

Additionally, metal samples can be produced for use in training NDE technicians for RT, UT, PT, MT, ET or other methods. Discontinuities such as cracks, incomplete fusion, incomplete joint penetration, undercut, overlap, slag inclusions and others can be produced. Each sample then comes complete with an interpretation sketch verified by an ASNT Level III.

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