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SWR-1:  Five Piece Structural Weld Replica Set

SWR-1: Five Piece Structural Weld Replica Set

  • Designed for training structural welding inspectors and welders
  • Samples include: 2 fillet-welded lap joints; 4-piece bend sample set; Groove-welded butt joint; and Fillet welded T-joint (welds exhibit porosity)
  • The variety of discontinuities exhibited includes: undercut, overlap and porosity, In addition, measurements of reinforcement and fillet weld size can be readily made
  • Recommended for those preparing for the Practical (Hands-On) portion of the AWS Certified Welding Inspector examination.
  • Also excellent for other weld examination training programs requiring hands-on experience, identifying and measuring visual weld discontinuities
  • Interpretation sheet for trainers and educators available at request. 

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