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WSD-1:  Weld Sample Defect Plate

WSD-1: Weld Sample Defect Plate

  • Designed to exhibit a variety of arc welding and oxyfuel gas cutting characteristics and conditions
  • Weld types: Bead on plate; T-joint; Lap joint; Butt joint; and Oxyfuel gas cutting edge conditions
  • Weld discontinuities: Porosity; Undercut; Weld reinforcement; Longitudinal cracking; Overlap; and Interbead incomplete fusion
  • Welding processes represented: SMAW; FCAW; GMAW; and GTAW
    Weld measurements: Fillet weld size; Weld reinforcement; Convexity/Concavity; Undercut; and Porosity size/distribution
  • This one sample displays common weld discontinuities, providing the student with an excellent visual aid when learning how to identify and measure various weld surface characteristics

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